From Firenze University Press Journal: Cambio

Elke Winter, University of Ottawa

The past few years have seen a rise in attempts to decolonize curricu-la, pedagogies, classrooms and knowledge production. Most importantly, in the wake of the murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis, Minnesota, in May 2020 and in the wake of the subsequent season of protests against anti-black racism — not just in the United States — universities are seeking to affirm their commitments to racial justice at all levels. Administrators are drawing up institutional plans to address structural racism, and faculty are reorienting their courses to greater emphasize diversity and inclusion.

While this overdue reckoning…

From Firenze University Press Journal: Studi Irlandesi

Ilaria Natali, Università di Firenze

James Dawson Burn’s Th e Autobiography of a Beggar Boy (fi rst published anonymously in 1855) relates the often-amusing life’s adventures of a man coping with various forms of social marginalization, as a vagrant, an illegitimate child, and an Irish immigrant in England. A story of personal reform and social reintegration, A Beggar Boy seemingly relies on Victorian cultural and literary conventions and sustains the values which Burn saw as governing middle-class life. However, subtle transgressions of traditional formal and generic paradigms reveal a tension between the individual’s unique perception of the self and the…

From University Press Book

Claudia Vitale, University of Florence

Gesicht, Gesichter, Antlitz und Vision. Das Gesicht Gottes, das trotz des
im Namen angelegten Sehens nicht gesehen, will heißen erblickt werden
darf. Gesichter, Vorgänge, bei denen es nicht mit rechten Dingen zugeht,
Visionen, die heimsuchen. Gesicht, woran wir Menschen wieder erkennen,
Spiegel der Persönlichkeit, die einzige Vorstellung, die wir von uns selbst
und unserem Aussehen haben. Gespiegeltes Gesicht, das trügt, ängstigt,
befremdet, erfreut: Quelle des Widerspruchs. «Dämmerndes Gesicht», wie
es in Annette von Droste-Hülshoffs Gedicht Das Spiegelbild genannt und
von der sich spiegelnden Person entsetzt zurückgewiesen wird: «Phantom,
du bist nicht meinesgleichen!»

Gesicht, beladen mit…

From Firenze University Press Journal: LEA

Andrea Demiaz

Dans L’Homme et le sacré (1939), Roger Caillois analyse le rite carnavalesque comme une catharsis populaire, une subversion symbolique de l’ordre social, dont le caractère cyclique réaffi rme parallèlement l’autorité. Dans le sillage de nombreux récits de voyageurs du Grand Tour, Le Comte de Monte-Cristo d’Alexandre Dumas (1844) réactive le motif du Carnaval de Rome. …

From Firenze University Press Journal : Cromohs

Elizabeth Harding, Herzog August Bibliothek

Auction catalogues have received a fair amount of attention over the last couple of years. On a digital level, this interest is evident in a variety of databases, such as the Art Sales Catalogues Online 1600–1900 (ASCO), the Book Sales Catalogues Online (BSCO), the German Sales Catalogs and the Getty Provenance Index databases. Indeed, they are useful sources in different research contexts: for constructing the ownership history of objects (provenance); for developing local, national and global collection profiles (trade routes and tastes); for reconstructing prices (markets); and, especially in the context of book history, for…

From Firenze University Press Journal: Advances in Horticultural Science

B. Madani, Horticultural Crops Research Department, Natural Resources Research and Education Center of Hormozgan, AREEO, Bandar Abbas, Iran

A.M. Dastjerdy, Department of Horticultural Science, Faculty of Agriculture and Natural Resources, University of Hormozgan, Bandar Abbas, Iran

A. Shahriyari, Horticultural Crops Research Department, Natural Resources Research and Education Center of Hormozgan, AREEO, Bandar Abbas, Iran

Date palms (Phoenix dactylifera L.) are an ancient horticultural crop cultivated for its sweet fruit which are also rich in nutrients, antioxidants and phenolic compounds (Hussain et al., 2016). Iran is one of the largest producing countries of dates growing 171,647 hectares of date palms with…

From Firenze University Press Journal: Cambio

John Lever, University of Huddersfield

During the second half of the twentieth century the economic foundations of Western diets were transformed in ways that created possibilities to eat in much more varied ways (Warde 2016). In the intervening decades, ethnic food has become a central element of food markets in consumer societies (Belasco and Scranton 2001). The ongoing expansion of the global halal market must be seen in this light, and there is now an emerging body of research exploring how Muslims consume and practice halal in an everyday context in «the West» (Bergeaud-Blackler et al. …

From Firenze University Press Book: Maritime Networks as a Factor in European Integration

Nenad Fejic, University of the French West Indies and Guiana

Les ambassadeurs ragusains envoyés en 1371 auprès du roi de Hongrie, reçurent du Sénat les instructions suivantes: « Vous devez dire à notre souverain, que nous ne pouvons vivre qu’en nous consacrant au commerce, que nous exerçons la majorité de notre commerce dans le royaume de Rascie et qu’à cause de la mauvaise situation qui y règne actuellement, à la suite des dissensions entre les barons, nous ne pouvons y déployer autant d’activités commerciales que par le passé, et que pour cette raison, les marchands ragusains se sont tournés vers…

From Firenze University Press Journal: Reti Medievali

Ross Balzaretti, University of Nottingham

Understandably, most authors are fascinated by what readers make of their work, and I am certainly one of those authors. I have found the comments on The Lands of Saint Ambrose published here (and elsewhere in re-views) to be enlightening and thought-provoking. It is reassuring to know that a book which took far too long to write is of interest to others. I have been writing it in my head ever since I first encountered the Milanese charters at the suggestion of Wendy Davies and Chris Wickham in 1985.

Having been converted by Wendy to…

From Firenze University Press Journal: Scienze del Territorio

Samadhi Lipari, University of Leeds, School of Geography

At the end of 2017, 5 percent of electricity consumed in Italy came from wind and 97 percent of the installed capacity was located in the South, of which the four provinces of Benevento, Avellino, Foggia and Potenza hosted 43 per cent, covering 2.7 per cent of national consumption. Such a process has induced transformations affecting (i) historical contextualised socio-ecological patterns as a consequence of the inclusion into value extraction chains and (ii) formal and substantive democratic dynamics at the local level.Th is article analyses the penetration of industrial-scale wind energy in…

University of Florence

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