From Firenze University Press Journal: Italian Journal of Electoral Studies (IJES)

John Agnew, Department of Geography, University of California

Michael Shin, Department of Geography, University of California

Only once in the past forty years has a US president been denied a second term in office. In 2020, President Donald Trump’s 46.8 percent of the vote share was surpassed by the 51.3 percent for Joe Biden. Despite desperate social media efforts, public denials, legal actions, his refusal to concede, and the incitement of a violent and deadly insurrection, President Trump lost the election. Only the Electoral College’s bias towards states with a knife-edge polarization between the two major parties, the Republicans and…

From Firenze University Press Journal: Aisthesis

Thomas Leddy

Everyday aesthetics as a new subdiscipline within aesthetics benefits by constantly going back to and borrowing from earlier theorists, even those who were primarily concerned with the aesthetics of art. To that end, I will begin my discussion of everyday aesthetics and photography with a look at that classic formalist aesthetician from the beginning of the 20th century, Clive Bell(1958). Bell was notoriously very negative about photography. He basically saw photographs as mechanical imitations of reality.He also famously criticized illustrative or descriptive painting for doing what photography can do better. One of the problems he had with people…

From Firenze University Press Book

Edited by:

Vanna Boffo, University of Florence

Monica Fedeli, University of Padua

There are only three published studies that investigated the role of others in the development of a calling, and all these studies focused on the
development of a calling for the music domain (Dobrow, Tosti-Kharas
2012; Dobrow 2006, 2013). Dobrow (2006) found that parents’ involvement in the arts had a positive effect on students’ initial calling for the
music domain. Dobrow and Tosti-Kharas (2012) investigated the relationship between calling and students’ receptivity to the advice, provided
by a mentor, which discourages them from pursuing a professional path
in their calling domain. They found…

From Firenze University Press Journal: Journal of Early Modern Studies (JEMS)

Molly Ziegler, The Open University

Despite attempts to limit revenge violence in real life — as seen through James I’s command for his subjects to ‘presume not vpon their owne Imagination and construction of wronge … to reuenge (as the Lawe findes it) their owne quarrels’ — such highly impassioned, honour-driven acts seem only to multiply within the worlds of Elizabethan and Jacobean plays (quoted inBowers 1959, 10–11). From Hamlet’s desire to avenge his father’s ‘foul and most unnatural murder’ (Hamlet 1.5.25) to Maria’s plot to punish Malvolio’s pride ‘on that vice in him will my revenge find notable cause…

From Firenze University Press Journal: Journal of History of Education (RSE)

Beatrix Vincze, University of Budapest

The development of the 20th century’s Hungarian intellectuals was defined by several significant turning points throughout history. Secondary school teachers’ professionally transferring knowledge has always played an important role in the foundation of the intellectual life of the elite. They could form not only the quality but also the existence of the elite. In this study, the examined secondary school teachers were born in the 1930s and 1940s. Consequently, they have had to encounter three intellectual schools of three different political systems during their lives. They spent their childhood in the pre-World War II restricted…

From Firenze University Press Journal: Wine Economics and Policy

Federica Cisilino, CREA — Council for Agricultural Research and Economics Research Centre for Agricultural Policies and Bio-Economy c/o University of Udine

Fabio A. Madau, Department of Agricultural Sciences University of Sassari

Roberto Furesi, Department of Agricultural Sciences University of Sassari

Pietro Pulina, Department of Agricultural Sciences University of Sassari

Brunella Arru, Department of Agricultural Sciences University of Sassari

Organic farming is a well-established reality in Europe, where it has been regulated since 1991.One of the most debated topics in this field consists of measuring organic and conventional agriculture’s technical and economic performance to highlight similarities and differences.Comparison between organic and…

From Firenze University Press Journal: Media Education

José M. Merchán, Universidad de Valladolid

M. Cruz Alvarado, Universidad de Valladolid

Susana de Andrés, Universidad de Valladolid

Agustín García-Matilla, Universidad de Valladolid

Los hermanos Lumiére, inventores del cinematógrafo, no pensaron que este pudiera ser más interesante que una mera atracción de feria. Sin embargo, comienzo desde el siglo XX, el cine fue secono un medio de inmenso potencial educador y ha sido extensiones perspectivas por su valor cultural. No solo George Meliés fue el primer director en creer en el potencial del cine, simultáneamente con la realizadora Alice Guy se inicia el cine de ficción. Directores y teóricos como…

From Firenze University Book

Franco Masciandaro, University of Connecticut

I began to reflect on friendship after the death of a friend. As I mourn the loss of my friend, more than ever I am keenly aware of the desire to explore both the meaning and the experience of friendship. Jacques Derrida has noted that “it is thanks to death that friendship can be declared”.

We may recall Gilgamesh’s declaration of friendship as he mourns the death of Enkidu:

“Listen to me, Elders. Hear me out, me.

I [have been] to [you],

Enkidu, your mother, your father;

I will weep for you in the wilderness.

From Firenze University Press Journal: Opvs Incertvm

Jeroen Goudeau, Radboud University, Nijmegen

Between 1630 and 1727 the rich catalogue of the Danckerts press covered a wide span of subjects in contemporary architecture. This case-study makes clear that in the Dutch Republic the interest in autonomous information on building techniques arose relatively late. Publishers mostly looked to Italy, France and, as is demonstrated here, also to Germany. In the genres discussed, actual building techniques can only be traced to a very limited extent. It is more precise to speak of technical details in the communication of architecture. Only in 1680 the first book with exclusively technical illustrations appeared…

From Firenze University Press Journal: Aisthesis

Stéphane Gasparini

«History of Sound» est le titre de l’un des clips publicitaires produits par Apple pour vanter les mérites de sa nouvelle plateforme de streaming «Apple Music».

C’est toute l’histoire de la diffusion de la musique qui est, en effet, passée en revue dans les quatre-vingt dix secondes que dure ce spot, débutant sur l’apparition du gramophone en 1877, puis celle de la radio, du 45t, du jukebox, du 33t, du magnétophone, du lecteur K7, du CD, de l’IPod, pour se terminer sur le streaming et, bien sûr, le site Apple Music lui-même. Le fil rouge de ce film…

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